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Registering as a Dutch national abroad

If you are going abroad, whatever the length of your stay, you should register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Registering with the online crisis contact system is not compulsory, but can be useful in the event of an emergency.

Why register?

In the event of an emergency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may need to contact you and provide you with information. Registering with the Kompas online crisis system is free and there are no further obligations. It takes less than five minutes. From then on, you only need to update your details if you are going on a trip or if your address changes. The details you provide will be stored securely and used only to contact and assist you in an emergency.

Registering your details

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and consulates do not register the details of Dutch nationals living abroad, even when they renew their passport. You may be asked to provide your details for trade promotion purposes or for King's Day celebrations. Information will only be registered with your permission.

If you are going to leave the Netherlands and live abroad, you must ask your municipality to remove you from the Population Register (Bevolkingsregister). You must then register with the foreign municipality you are moving to.

In many countries, you must register with the police or immigration authorities within a certain number of days after your arrival. Hotels often do this for their guests. If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to check.